Introducing the Maine Network of Innovation and Creativity (MaineNIAC)

The Maine Network of Innovation and Creativity (MaineNIAC), now in development, is a digital platform and an in-person “network of networks” that helps individuals and organizations find collaborators and support for creative and innovative projects of all kinds.

It is designed to help:

  • Grow Maine’s economy
  • Promote Maine’s creativity and innovation stories to the world

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Key Objectives

  • To help make Maine more attractive to professionals and to help create conditions that will allow more young people to find opportunities to stay and thrive in Maine
  • To foster collaboration and the sharing of talents and resources in projects, programs and enterprises to support economic growth and development in communities across the state
  • To influence how Maine is perceived as a place to do business or to pursue professional opportunities, or higher education


Maine is home to an amazing collection of organizations and individuals doing creative and innovative things—in the arts, in technology, in business, in social services and government—but we don’t have an easy way of finding, connecting and collaborating with each other.  That’s what the Maine Network for Innovation and Creativity gives us.

MaineNIAC brings people/groups together who don’t know what others may be doing, to connect and take their efforts to the next level. We do this by providing tools for people in Maine to “seek, find and collaborate” with each other—tools such as a robust digital platform and professionally planned and facilitated, in-person gatherings on important topics of interest that “surface” through network connections.

Talented people—from arts to accounting, from shellfish harvesting to software development, from boat building to beer brewing, from web design to wind turbine technologies—both inside and outside of Maine, can use the network as an easy place to get access to and/or share opportunities that range from venture capital, to professional opportunities, to projects or people/groups doing leading edge things…in all sectors of civil and corporate society.

Our Mission: Build economic vibrancy across the state of Maine

The Maine Network of Innovation and Creativity (MaineNIAC) will enhance efforts to build the economic and cultural vibrancy of communities across the state of Maine by improving the flow of ideas, identification of talent, and sourcing of support or investment.

What Makes MaineNIAC Different?

  1. Scale & scope
  2. We focus on innovation and creativity that resonates across all sectors and will spark accelerated development
  3. We bring together the arts and industry, crossing all sectors of Maine’s economy
  4. We make it easy for people in Maine who have unique skills and resources to seek, find and collaborate with each other, and reach potential collaborators nationally and internationally
  5. When implemented, MaineNIAC will provide:
    • a network of networks
    • statewide
    • across industry and occupational boundaries
    • both virtual and physical
    • help in accessing thoughtfully selected resources on innovation and creativity
    • curated stories on innovation & creativity in Maine in order to build visibility for Maine across the nation and around the world, promoting Maine’s brand in new and exciting ways

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