Support for PK Portland

PechaKucha Night Portland, Maine

PK Night Portland is a quarterly gathering of some 100 to 150 community members from a wide variety of backgrounds and creative professions, developed to provide an opportunity for structured, personal presentations of creative work and personal or professional explorations.

PechaKucha is a global activity and format, with over 800 cities around the world conducting similar events and programs. The unique PK presentation format comprises a visual and verbal presentation with exactly 20 slides, each slide shown for exactly 20 seconds, creating a lively, 6-minute and 40-second creative story. Each participating community shares videos or photos and scripts from its quarterly programs via the Internet.

The purpose of PechaKucha is to encourage and inspire creative expression, allow creative professionals to meet, network and potentially collaborate, and of course, to showcase the hidden creativity in our communities.