Maine Creative Industries Award Program (MCIA) is a biennial awards program and gala developed to shine a spotlight on Maine’s extraordinary business, scientific, cultural and technology organizations and leaders, to inspire and promote new opportunities for innovation and collaboration, and help to build Maine’s economic vitality, cultural vibrancy, and visibility as a place where creativity thrives.



This prestigious award celebrates exemplary people and organizations that have demonstrated the value of creativity to make an innovative impact on our state, and in the world. As we recognize those visionaries and talented leaders who have contributed greatly to their industries and professions—as well as to our communities—we are also building a network of engaged individuals, organizations and companies, committed to working together on into the future, build Maine’s vitality, vibrancy and visibility.

In 2012, the inaugural Maine Creative Industries Award was presented to David Shaw, founder of IDEXX, and to celebrated actress, producer and humanitarian, Glenn Close.

The 2014 biennial Maine Creative Industries Award went to the world-renowned research institution, The Jackson Laboratory, and to acclaimed actor Patrick Dempsey, founder of The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing.

Each of these honorees clearly demonstrated the key criteria for the Maine Creative Industries Award:

  • Creative Collaboration in the sciences, arts and industry for mutual success
  • Persistence in reaching a creative goal in business
  • Excellence and visionary thinking in their fields
  • Commitment to Maine’s future and to sustaining its rich culture
  • Willingness to promote Maine as a place where creativity and innovation thrive

The 2016 Maine Creative Award Program and Gala are already in the planning stages. A broad-based volunteer nominating committee has been hard at work and inquiries about corporate sponsorships and advanced reservations for tables at this “sure-to-be-sold-out” event (Fall 2016) may be forwarded to: